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ACE Solutions NEW, OEC and Remanufacutred Toner Facts and Warranty Information

OEC Toner - Part numbers ending in OEC are Original Equipment Compliant
Lexmark OEC toner performance is equal to OEM
Why Lexmark OEC Toner?

OEC toner improves print quality resulting in fewer service calls
Lowers cost with no performance compromise.
Fills the quality gap between genuine and 3rd party compatible toner.
Less intervention equals lower operational costs than “compatibles”.

LXR Toner - Part numbers ending in LXR are Remanufactured Toner

Remanufactured using OEM virgin cores and are remanufactured by the same vendor that supplies our OEC toner.

100% Worry-Free Satisfaction Guarantee:

ALL Toner offered by ACE Solutions, whether OEC or Remanufactured, is covered under the manufactures warranty:

Manufacturer warrants that the products, when stored, installed and used under normal conditions, will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase. Manufacturer warrants that the products will not damage the print-head or printing mechanism when stored, installed and used in accordance with Manufacturer’s recommended procedures. In the event of any damage to a print-head or printing mechanism caused solely and directly by the use of Product, Manufacturer will pay the reasonable cost of service and repair of the print-head or printing mechanism so damaged, provided: (a) notifies Manufacturer of such damage in writing within thirty (30) days; (b) delivers to Manufacturer print samples and returns the laser toner or ink cartridge(s) and any damaged or replaced parts with an authorized material return number; and (c) deliver to Manufacturer a written service report, signed by an authorized technical service personnel, identifying the Product as the sole and direct cause of such damage.

Manufacturer does not cover routine cleaning(s) as specified by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (“OEM”). Please refer to the equipment users’ guide or equipment service manual. Nor does it cover on-site equipment service related issues for common print defects or print quality issues.

NEW Toner - See specific OEM toner warranties under manufactures sites.